Activities of the Incom Group representation that is located on the territory of the Russian Federation is under the control of European company and focuses on its direct interests in the business sphere. About 90 % of our activity in Russia is project implementation in different directions that are coordinated with our clients from the EU, CIS and USA. Qualified staff provides with efficiency and rational approach to every situation. We direct our attention exclusively on the result that is highly profitable and has favorable prospects for further business development in any case. If you endeavor to such outcome, the Incom Group will be the right choice. It will determine the future success of each client’s project! Regardless of whether you would like to implement your business in Russia or make certain investments in the CIS countries, our employees will provide you with detailed information about the potential benefit of a project.

Olesya Zhurbenko is the Head of the Incom Group representation in Russia.

Olesya Zhurbenko (RF)

Date of birth: 22.12.1985.

Education: higher.

Occupation: lawyer, economist.

Language ability: Russian, English.

Personal qualities: conscientiousness, ability to work as part of the team, attentiveness, adherence to ethics and psychology of business relations.

Olesya has been working in our company since 2012, although she has managed to prove herself as a responsible person before the foundation of the Incom Group. Hundreds of completed business projects of various kinds and significant profits lay in her hands. Aspiration for career development and the ability to co–operate coherently in a team explain the high work efficiency of such a Head as Olesya. The considerable success of our mechanisms for business maintenance makes the Incom Group the best partner for those customers who do not want to invest their own money in initially unprofitable projects. Our certified professionals, who are under the leadership of Olesya, will provide you with a detailed analysis of the potential idea appropriateness under certain conditions. It allows to judge objectively how profitable your project will be.

Collaboration with our company has many advantages compared to others. Firstly, we provide our clients with complex alternative solutions for any kind of situation and use the methods that have already been checked. Its little modification depends on the project characteristics . Secondly, our documentation is notable for its accuracy of the information and calculations. The company’s distinctive feature is the fact that its employees do not dwell on the only aspect of the client’s dilemma and look at it from different angles. This approach provides our customers with a rapid and rational way out of any situation. No matter if you want to check out the potential profit of your project or you need funds for its implementation, our staff will help you!

Keep up with the times and make profits together with the Incom Group!