It is well known that the role of any company’s representation is to define clearly its interests on the territory of another country or some of them. The Incom Group is not exception as well. European representation composition includes analysts, audit professionals, attorneys, corporate lawyers and other employees. All of them contribute to the organising of fruitful cooperation with favorable result for any client. All tasks that are oriented to advertising and public relations are fully accomplished by certified specialists with high qualification. Russian economy analysis is implemented by our experts and represented by detailed reports. It allows foreign partners to judge how profitable the business will be in Russia if it is implemented by the company “Incom Group”.

Viktoriya Popovich is the Head of the representation in Europe.

Viktoriya Popovich (EU)

Date of birth: 3.12.1978.

Education: higher.

Occupation: lawyer, economist.

Language ability: Russian, English, Serbo–Croatian.

Personal qualities: responsibility, sociability, analytical thinking, stress tolerance.

Viktoriya is a member of the Incom Group since its founding. Until 2012 she had been implementing various business projects that formed the basis of our company. Thus, we offer every client only the mechanisms of business dealing that have already been tested and that currently have significant profitability. Thanks to the building skills of mutually beneficial and compromise customer relations Viktoriya is a true example of diligence and purposefulness that often play an important role in any sphere of activity and characterize such a specialist being only on the positive side.  Analytics of the economy of Europe, CIS and the United States, its comparison with the peculiarities of the capital implementation on the territory of the Russian Federation, audit, legal and other services are performed by our employees under the guidance of such a responsible person as Viktoriya.

In addition to the detailed consultation, qualified staff of the representation organizes a meeting in any country of the European Union that would be the most viable option for any client. We are ready to promote your business as well as to act as its full–fledged participants, thereby creating joint effective projects. Describe your vision of the matter at the organized meeting and the Incom Group staff will provide you with various alternatives to resolve it. Efficiency and quality are something all of us aspire to. There are no closed doors and desperate situations for the Incom Group. That’s why every customer can expect from us a fruitful collaboration and, as a consequence, successful implementation of the proposed project.

What is the cooperation of the Incom Group and its potential clients? You contact us through phone call or e–mail message and speak out your actual question. We hold a detailed consultation and provide a range of solutions for your case. A responsible approach to the business situation analysis contributes to its quick implementation and brings to a logical conclusion that will yield you considerable profit.

Have our reasoned conclusions relished you? Analytics is our everything!