Dear potential partners, clients and all the people who have already cooperated with the Incom Group!

On this page we share successful projects that have already been implemented by our company. Currently, each of them is characterized by high profitability that may be explained by our responsible approach to the analysis of the potential benefits from the point of view not only of a particular state, but often even its single regions. You can see both the orientation of certain business ideas and the mechanism of its implementation.

The undoubted advantage of the projects presented in this section is that you may become equal participants or make a contribution to their further development. Do you need advice that could reveal the detailed nuances of cooperation? Contact a representative of the company Incom Group!

Projects under development that are looking for investors and partners


The project has been designed and waits for the investor , which is a unique coffee house menu which will include a world class and extravagant recipes for coffee. Every visitor will enjoy a fascinating aroma of the beverage , and the delicate flavor of desserts and light snacks . They will help you experience the atmosphere of a particular country and for a moment feel like a time traveler without borders . We welcome all who wish to participate in the original project “KOFFE.CLUB”!


The project is under development. An increasing number of children’s toy robots turn into a serious tool for the solution of a problem of a different nature. Innovation in this area have become drones. According to the forecast of the expert group of the Strategic Initiatives Agency, the global market will be drones by 2035, more than 300 billion US dollars. Target applications can be very unexpected, from logistics to geodetic shooting. Already, this technology is actively used enthusiasts and activists around the world. The project will be directed towards the construction sector and sub. directions.

We are happy to consider options for partnerships and investments