We welcome you, dear potential partners, clients and all the people who have already cooperated with the Incom Group!

We have been working successfully since 2012 by controlling, in addition to the main processes in the EU, business investment in Russia and acquisition of passive income by our partners in the territory of other CIS countries, and the opportunity of converting some projects into cash in the USA. The company was founded in the European Union. It has managed to earn the respect of numerous clients in four years of its functioning. If you need a certain service, which affects the business, capital management and income generation in one way or another, you came to the right place. What are our key priorities?

  • Independent due diligence report;
  • analysis of business economic indicators;
  • goods and trademarks’ promotion in the territory of Russia (it is of current importance for the partners who reside in the EU and the CIS. Canada, USA and other countries are also involved in the process of such cooperation with the Incom Group);
  • contribution to the areas of audit and complex economic analysis;
  • provision of physical assistance which includes immediate business and audit control, delivery of certain documents or inspection of private property with following detailed report;
  • provision of such services as consulting and recruiting;
  • promotion the taking separate business decisions;
  • resolution of the issue which is set for us;
  • management and optimization of the existing business and their assets (including other countries);
  • provision of investing assistance in Russia and other CIS countries;
  • openness to common activities in business, etc.

In addition, the Incom Group is ready to provide you with consulting, legal, audit and other services in Russian, English, German, Serbo–Croatian, Spanish, Italian and other languages! Multilanguage is one of our most important advantages. It ensures a prosperous and productive collaboration with foreign partners. In addition to the USA, Canada, Europe and the CIS countries, our international company “Incom Group” possesses the potentiality to cooperate with China. If the mutual interest of both parts takes place, our employees are ready to consider a fruitful partnership. It may include bilateral trade between Russia and China (not excluding other countries) as well as investments which are implemented in the following directions:

  • China — other countries;
  • other countries — China.

You can always refine the details of this cooperation thanks to the representatives of our company.

We provide movement of technologies, goods and capital around the world from USA to China!

Regardless of what task realization our client is interested in, its rational and rapid solution is provided by economic analysis, selection of alternative ways out, as well as by complex which includes accounting and legal services. We also provide you with banking supervision of transactions, exercise control and observe their successful implementation. Verification of the purity of transactions and the partners who are involved in the process of their conclusion is an unquestionable advantage of our activity. You will be able to get detailed information which confirms contract legality, as well as the presence or absence of partner’s debts, judicial proceedings and other incidents. An authentic report on investing expenditure for the intended purpose is available at your request. Due diligence report or diligence technical report are mandatory.

What are the advantages of appealing to the Incom Group?

  1. We offer to your attention a detailed list of spheres of activity, as well as business and construction objects with a fertile ground for investment.
  2. We provide the most effective promotion of your resources (goods, products, trademarks, etc.) and the implementation of the proposed ideas.
  3. We meet every client’s halfway by discussing the proposed ways of cooperation.
  4. We have a complete representation in the Russian Federation. It includes a full complement of staff with the appropriate skills. It is worth noting that the activity of the Incom Group in the territory of Russia is under the absolute control of the European branch.
  5. We comply with all the rules and requirements of the European Union.

What is the algorithm of collaboration with our company?

Your call or e–mail

1. You contact us through call or e–mail.

Our discussion and meeting

2. We discuss the details and organize a meeting in the country which is the optimal one for you.

Your situation's announcement

3. You announce the prevailing situation the way you see it.

Our analysis of the situation

4. We analyze the question and the situation.

Our solution and its implementation

5. We offer alternative solutions and provide the selected one.

Your profit

6. You enjoy the implemented project and receive a significant profit.

This mechanism is explained here in more details.

Any client’s wish is implemented by an integrated approach. Basing on the given information, we formulate the main goal of the project, propose alternative ways of its implementation and contribute to the implementation of your idea by realizing the package of decisions and investments which is invested in a certain sphere of activity. Hence, you receive the final result of the fruitful collaboration with our international company. We will be able to assume control and the successful project activity if you deem it necessary.

Do you need a quick and adequate solution of your question? Does your business require the correct plan of its converting into cash and high–potential employees? Do you want to get the detailed consultation about any kind of business activity by phone or by e–mail in any language that you speak?

You will be provided with the fullest support of the Incom Group!