In today’s world cash is the mechanism for achieving the goals of any orientation. Since each person and humanity as a whole have a purpose to create something, searching for auxiliary means on an ongoing basis is obligatory for such a purpose implementation. And, of course, it also implies material goods. Sometimes one person or even a whole society are unable to fund some individual projects, because the development of modern technologies requires significant financial investment that not everyone has. This peculiarity often prevents the development of many original projects. What thing should be done in this case? While one person or often an entire civilization try to find money for making investment of a certain size, creative people have already implemented their own ideas with the help of charitable contributions. We present to your attention an Internet fund that was set up under the auspices of the Incom Group. It donates 1% of its turnover to StartUps and charity projects promotion. The activity of this Fund is controlled by such a responsible person as Roman Fischer. It focuses on the implementation of a certain idea due to the direct mechanism of creation. Something new can be realised with the funds listed by you for charitable purposes. Collective intelligence and collective energy of those who were able to contribute to the implementation of many projects allow to achieve a productive result. Our Internet Fund is a fertile ground for any good deeds and charitable activity! We make investments only in StartUps’ promotion and into the charity. It allows many talents to implement themselves and their unique ideas.

Internet Fund
Internet Fund

The Fund that was established under the auspices of the international business company “Incom Group” will give a unique opportunity to put into effect one of StartUps if it is an interesting idea that has prospects for further development. We bring innovative projects into the world regardless of their orientation. In addition, a particular part of the donations goes into investing of unique scientific discoveries. Such an approach of our Fund allows to implement various training programs for young and talented people. We do not finance existing commercial projects. Exceptions are those which are not directed at making a profit (creativity, art, music, literature, etc.) Our Fund’s work is aimed at helping commercial StartUps that do not have sufficient funds for their implementation, but are notable for an original approach to a particular sphere of activity. After their launch and successful implementation such projects start to live their own lives and attract further investment, being full-fledged commercial ideas that were implemented with our help.

How to invest in the future success of any project?

Your phone call or e–mail

1. You contact us through phone call or e–mail.

Our charitable payment details

2. We answer whatever questions and provide you with charitable payment details.

Your charitable donate

3. You donate any possible amount for the implementation of a particular project.

Our trophy to thank you

4. We implement the StartUp successfully and send you a notification with a trophy upon completion.

For example, if a particular person or a group of people decide to manage the production of the original quadcopters or to open a cafe, all the people who have made certain investments for the implementation of this project will not remain without pleasant attention of our Fund. They will be endowed with a package of products or with a trophy. Also they will be honored guests no matter what amount was donated by them. In addition, it is possible to join the successfully implemented projects on the legal rights of investors for receiving of monthly profit. It should not be forgotten that profit volume is determined by the respectability of the sphere that you have invested to.

Internet Fund
Internet Fund

Do you need further consultation? Clarification of information about the Fund functioning is accomplished quickly and thoroughly. Contact one of our staff members in any way and you will be provided with all the details in any language! After giving a charitable donation you will be able to participate freely in the activities of the Incom Group Fund by offering particular solutions and projects that are aimed at the modernization of our activities and searching for talented people. We are open for cooperation and new offers!

Define the future together with the Internet Fund under the leadership of such a responsible person like Roman Fischer!