What is the international company “Incom Group”?

Four years of successful activity.
Qualification of the company’s representatives.
Hundreds of successfully implemented projects.
Regular customers of EU, CIS and all over the world.

Absolute customer orientation.
Individual approach to any task.
Productive and rational outcome.
Efficiency and quality of the work.

Our clients
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Other countries

We don’t tend to adhere to stereotypes. We offer a radically new solution to any question of yours. Every aspect is considered by us from different angles due to the numerous staff that includes analysts, translators, lawyers, economists, marketers and other professionals who help to implement a certain project. They are certified representatives of the company, but they are not satisfied with what has already been achieved. Seminar attendance allows them to improve their professional skills and put them into practice. As for provided personal information, complete confidentiality is ensured by high–quality functioning of the Incom Group security. Do you still hesitate before making a decision? We will try to relieve you of this feeling!

Our services are fully provided to all the clients whether they are investors, businessmen, individuals, companies or private owners. A phone call or an email is the beginning of our potential collaboration. Our client should announce the details of the question the way it is seen. During this dialogue we discuss the information that was provided to us and advise the client on possible solutions for resolving the situation. Then we will organize a meeting in the country that is the optimal one for the client who may reside on its territory or have a visa for the flight and temporary residence. Such kind of approach provides the client’s maximum comfort and the ability to establish friendly contact with the representatives of the Incom Group. We don’t demand your competence, as we exercise it ourselves, transforming the details of your question in the list of rational thoughts that will ensure its effective implementation. You can get involved directly in the process of implementing or limit yourselves to investments of the project without clarification of the implementation characteristics. In both cases the advantage is on your side. The main purpose of the Incom Group is bringing our collaboration to an effective ending that will not only please by its efficiency, but allow you to make a certain profit. The examination of its probability, the analysis of its potential size and overall benefits of the project implementation is what you can rely on.

Often clients turn to us with a complete solution. In this case we only provide a mechanism for its implementation, including paying taxes, recruitment and purchase of necessary equipment, as well as implementation of other details in business. Detailed reporting on the done operation allows our clients to see clearly the process of our activity and build confidence in the Incom Group. Thus, we have regular customers who repeatedly turn to us and remain satisfied with our approach to the situation of any complexity.

  • Business analysis
  • Diligence technical report
  • Consulting
  • Project implementation planning

The main reasons for contacting the company “Incom Group” throughout its existence are clearly displayed in bar charts. We provide a variety of services and have considerable popularity among clients all over the world.

  • Audit
  • Recruiting
  • Assistance in investment
  • Common business activity

Do you have any questions? Representatives of our company will provide you with an informative consultation via phone or e–mail in any spoken language and organize a meeting based on your preferences.

The Incom Group appreciates individuality and guides it to the project implementation!